Dr. Leen Kawas: A Visionary Leader’s Inspiring Biotechnology Journey

Dr. Leen Kawas: A Visionary Leader’s Inspiring Biotechnology Journey

Dr. Leen Kawas, the Managing General Partner at Propel Bio Partners, has had a remarkable career trajectory in the biotechnology industry. Despite starting her professional life as a pharmacist, Dr. Kawas pursued a Ph.D. and has since led two thriving biotech companies. Her journey is a testament to the unexpected opportunities that can arise when open to change and growth.

In a recent appearance on the Recruitomics Consulting Podcast on April 2, 2024, Dr. Kawas shared valuable insights on building effective teams, the importance of diversity in clinical trials, and the need for patient involvement throughout the drug development process.

As Propel Bio Partners expands, Dr. Kawas seeks candidates with fresh perspectives and growth mindsets. She values individuals who approach problems innovatively and are eager to learn from others, regardless of their career stage. Dr. Kawas also emphasizes the importance of enjoying work and collaborating with team members who bring a sense of fun to the workplace.

Turning her attention to clinical trials, Dr. Kawas strongly advocates for increased diversity in both the management teams and patient selection. She believes that a more diverse representation of trial managers, particularly women, and minorities, will lead to more successful clinical trials and better patient recruitment. Additionally, Dr. Kawas stresses the importance of reflecting society’s diversity in clinical trial patient selection to understand better how a drug will impact a significant portion of the population.

One of Dr. Kawas’ most passionate beliefs is the need for greater patient involvement throughout the entire drug development cycle. She argues that patients should be integral to each phase, from drug discovery to development, rather than being invited to participate only when the cycle is nearly complete. This commitment to patient involvement stems from Dr. Kawas’ experience conducting patient feedback sessions to understand why certain drugs fail and to incorporate patient voices in clinical design to improve outcomes.

Looking ahead to the next decade, Dr. Kawas has set ambitious goals for herself and Propel Bio Partners. She aspires to invest in companies developing technologies to improve global human health. Additionally, she is committed to providing internships for students and recent graduates from diverse backgrounds, recognizing the importance of fostering inclusivity in the biotech industry.

Finally, Dr. Kawas is dedicated to giving back to future entrepreneurs, acknowledging the support and guidance she received throughout her career. She hopes to inspire and empower the next generation of biotech leaders by paying it forward.

Dr. Leen Kawas’ journey from a young girl in Jordan dreaming of curing cancer to becoming a visionary leader in the biotechnology industry is truly inspiring. Her unwavering commitment to diversity, patient involvement, and fostering the growth of future entrepreneurs is a testament to her leadership and dedication to positively impacting human health.